Technical Education Consultant

R. G. Portwine Ph.D. Electrical Licensing License Course Course Assignments

Specializing on Electricity/Electronics and Technical Education including Telecommunications and Fiber Optic Training

After more than 40 years in Public education I have decided to retire. I am now pursuing a career in private education. Some travel is welcome.

I have been involved with Technical Education for over forty years. Over my successful career I have taught courses from Special Education to Gifted Studies. I have taught in Vocational High Schools,a number of Maine and NH Community Colleges and at the University of Southern Maine. I have also taught classes for the Military and Local Industry.

This summer and fall I am teaching classes at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for the Apprentice program. Electrical. I have found time to schedule some License courses at the same time and will begin again new classes soon.

If you are an Electrician's Helper or need a Low Energy License send me an e-mail and I will give you more information on how and when you may begin the courses.

I have designed classes for companies as well as private classes.

I am finishing my career teaching Courses in Telecommunications and Electrical Licensing. I have received National Certification and now certify my students in Telecommunications

I have taught the basic course for the Limit Electrical License as well as the Electrical Low Energy License.

The courses included are Electricity I, Electricity II, Electronics I, Controls and Blueprint Reading.

I have taught these course at Community College, In Maine and New Hampshere. (I set up various electrical programs at three Community Colleges), at the Naval Shipyard and at local businesses. I have also taught classes at the University of Southern Maine, Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, Maine Medical Center and Sappi Paper Co. to name a few more.

I hold a valid state teaching certification for Electrical and Electronics Courses.

My Courses are approved by the Maine State Electrical Licensing Board

Drop me an e-mail and we can set up appointments for classes.

To view the classes required for a License click on Maine License Requirements at the top of this page.

Comments from a recent contract:


I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you being so flexible with the Low Voltage courses we have taken with you over the past year. Your flexibility in coming on site to hold the classes enabled the technicians in my dept to complete these courses in the most timely manner possible while also balancing social and family commitments, which was a huge relief to all of us. On top of that, your ability to drill deeper into the technical aspects of the topics and taking the time to explain these details enabled all of us to comprehend some of the more technical details of the topics at hand. Above all, your sense of humor kept these classes interesting and fun and we all agree that it was a wonderful experience.
Thanks again!

Lee Staples
Manager, Telecommunications Network Services
Maine Medical Center

Hi Dick,

I was sad to learn that you were retiring from the classroom. Sad, not for you, but for the students who will not have the opportunity to experience you as a teacher. Having known you for many years and witnessed you in the classroom, I can say without fear of contradiction that you are unique in so many ways. Many teachers have a knowledge of the subject they are teaching, but not the ability to impart that knowledge in a way that creates enthusiasm among the students. Your humor and engaging style plus current knowledge of the subjects you teach means the students look forward to coming to class. Could one ask for more?

We have traveled to Ireland and England many times with students.Your people skills and ability to communicate made our trips an experience that will long be remembered by those participating (in a positive way).

You are one of a kind Dick. I hope that you can teach at least part-time. Students deserve that.


Bill McClaran, Ph.D.
Portland Chief of Police, (Retired)

To Whom it May Concern:


I have known Richard Portwine for over fifteen years, and recognize him to be an extraordinary educator.  He has a unique talent to break down complex issues into easily understandable applications.   Whenever he encounters students he taught in his 35 years of teaching at any level, they always thank him for providing them real world and practical experience.


My job recently required me to gain a base knowledge of energy issues in a very short time.  Richard was invaluable in explaining the different topics and considerations and relating them to each other to give me both specific and broad understanding of science behind energy production.  In this increasingly complex world it is a rare to find someone who has the ability to see and teach both the big picture and the smallest details of a multifaceted system.


He would make an important and productive addition to any organization.


Kenneth D. Hardy

Attorney at Law


(207) 839-6386

I have also served in the United States Coast Guard. Active Duty for four years and Reservist for 20 years. Now retired. I served two Presidential Security assignments, Search and Rescue and traveled to the Arctic and Antarctic.

Some experience with Technology Courses

Designing and implementing college level curriculum in Mathematics, Technical Drafting, Video Technology, Computer Technology, Telecommunications and Social Sciences.

Developed Curriculum for Technology Department in Electronics and Electricity.

Produced Video Conferences for business and industry.

Academic advising on academic and vocational courses to High School and College students.


My Educational Qualifications

PhD      Columbia Pacific University

MS        University of Southen Maine

BS         University of Southern Maine

AAS       Eastern Maine Community College

Fiber Optics Instructor (Private Instruction)

National Certification in Telecommunications

USCG     Telecommunications Specialest

My Classes are Certified by the State of Maine Electrical Licensing Board

I hold a valid FCC Broadcast Communication License

I am a Certified Trainer for the National Center for Construction Education and Research Certified for Core Curricula/Electrical Instructor and Instrumentation Instructor

A member of the National Center for Telecommunications Technology

A member of the Maine Telecommunications Users Group